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gardenaccents potteryOur flower pots and planters are beautifully crafted to provide the perfect foundation for your plants and flowers. Choose from an extensive collection of colors, designs, and sizes to find the ideal pots that will be visually appealing in your garden. Each pot is carefully constructed using high-quality materials to serve as a long-lasting container for your plant.


While different pottery materials have a significant influence on décor, they also play a large role in the health of your plant. Learn more about the various available materials and which one is the best fit for your plant.


While metal is very attractive visually, there is a great deal of high thermal transference, which could allow your plant to overheat or become susceptible to frost. Internal liners are available to prevent this from occurring.

Resin and Plastic

Resin is a durable material that mimics stone or terra cotta, but is much lighter than concrete. Plastic is not porous like natural materials, so it holds water better to keep your plant healthy.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta isn’t recommended for freezing climates, as it doesn’t provide a lot of protection from the temperature. It’s best to get a terra cotta planter that has been glazed, or its porous properties will let water slip away. This affordable material is attractive and gives off an earthy feel.

Cast Stone and Concrete

While these materials may be more expensive than others, their resistance to the wind and durability make them worth it. These frost-proof planters act as insulators for your plants when temperatures drop and provide an attractive focal point for any garden.


We carry many different sizes of pottery to accommodate any kind of plant you’re interested in. From extra small to extra large, you’ll be able to find just the right size planter to arrange throughout your landscape. It’s vital to consider what size pot you will need to accommodate your plant because this will determine the gardening success of your plant.

Generally, it’s best to buy a larger pot that will retain moisture longer than a small pot that will dry out quickly, especially in warm weather. A larger pot will also allow you to add more plants and flowers. Pottery that is too small will restrict your plant from producing and will require extra effort from you to keep the plant alive.

If you’re still not sure about which type of pot to choose, trust the professionals at Main Line Gardens to help you decide what will be best for your plant.

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