Garden Center

For more than 25 years, our Garden Center has been meeting the ever-changing needs of gardeners and landscapers with one of the largest selections of plant materials in the area. In addition to our large variety of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs, we carry a broad line of bird products, animal repellents, grass seed, plant fertilizers, disease and insect control products, as well as garden tools and accessories.

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It’s important to keep your plants protected from unwanted animals; that’s why we carry numerous repellents. We also provide various types of grass seed to fit with the weather conditions as well as your lifestyle.

Before planting flowers in your garden, make sure the soil is prepared with compost such as old leaves or dry grass clippings. You can also dig up the soil when it’s moist so roots can penetrate easily. And don’t forget to use the proper tools; we offer basic tools and accessories so you can plant and maintain your garden with ease.

Watering your plant is crucial to its health, especially after you first plant it. It will need frequent watering so the roots can become established, so be sure to water your plant every other day so the soil stays moist.

In some cases, we can replace certain plants within a year of purchase. Learn more information about our plant warranty here.

When your plants are suffering and you’re can’t identify the issue, bring photos of your plants in to the Garden Center. The Main Line Gardens team will look at your plants, diagnose the issue, and provide some solutions to getting your plants healthy again.

Trees & Shrubs

Our beautifully maintained trees and shrubs are ideal to add to your garden, line a walkway, or provide lush foliage to your landscape. Whether you need a flowering shrub or an evergreen tree, our trees and shrubs will look great around your home.

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Annuals move through their entire life cycle, from seed to flower and back to seed, in one growing season and are great for filling up your garden or empty spaces in your landscape. These flowers are very diverse and we carry many different types.

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Perennials come back year after year while also increasing in size each time, giving you the opportunity to divide them and add them to other gardens or planters. These versatile plant can be used to fill a flower garden or in combination with annuals and bulbs.

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For the Birds

We have the best-quality birdseed and bird feeders here to attract a wide variety of birds. Find out what kind of birds like different types of birdseed so you can attract your favorite bird to your own yard.

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Veggies and Herbs

Growing your own garden can be simple and provide you with a multitude of fresh flavors. It’s a rewarding experience to plant your own veggies and herbs then enjoy them as a snack or with a meal.

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Animal Repellents

It’s common for certain animals to eat plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs, so it’s crucial to protect your plants to keep unwanted animals at bay. Whether you’re dealing with deer, squirrels and chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons, or rabbits, our high-quality animal repellents work to keep away animals while helping your plants stay healthy.

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Garden Farmacy

It’s our priority to help your plants stay healthy and strong, so we carry an array of products to maintain the beauty of your landscape. Whether you need grass seed, fertilizers, or disease and insect control, we provide quality products that are safe to use on your plants.

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Tools & Accessories

We carry the best garden tools and accessories you need to keep your landscape looking colorful and bright. Our durable tools will allow you to easily maintain your garden and flowers so your gardening experience is always enjoyable. Learn more about some of the essential tools and accessories that we carry for the proper care of your plants and garden.

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DIY Tips

Read great tips from our experts to keep your garden thriving and beautiful!

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