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At Main Line Gardens, you’ll find a large selection of home and garden accents in our garden center. We keep our inventory up to date, with seasonal items and helpful tools to enhance your home.

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for the birds

Bird Feeders

Products offered: Tray or platform feeders, hopper or house feeders, and tube feeders.


We have the best-quality birdseed and bird feeders here to attract a wide variety of birds. Find out what kind of birds like different types of birdseed so you can attract your favorite bird to your own yard. Products offered: Black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, cracked corn, and safflower.

Grass seed

Garden Farmacy

Products offered: Grass seed, animal repellents, plant fertilizer, and disease & insect control.


Tools & Accessories

Products offered: Shovels, hand pruners, rakes, watering cans, and hoses.


Garden Utility

Items offered: Garden aprons, tool bags, decorative planters, local honey and snacks, decorative risers, flameless candles, and candle sticks.



At Main Line Gardens, we have an extensive collection of spring, summer, fall, and winter seasonal decorations, as well as holiday items.

Real Christmas Trees for sale

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees are live and arrive right around Thanksgiving.

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