Mulch, Soil & Stone

The foundation for your garden and landscape has a big impact on its overall look and feel, and it can also determine your plants’ health. Learn more about mulch, soil, and stone to determine the best option for your yard.

Got Mulch?
Main Line Gardens offers a wide variety of mulch to provide customers with many options for their landscape. Check out the different types of mulch and you’re sure to find one that will compliment your home. Then just add your choices to the cart and check out.

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Bulk Materials

Mulch enhances your landscape’s appearance and comes in a wide variety of textures and colors to ideally accent your home. In addition to its beauty, mulch is a valuable resource that protects plant roots and adds nutrients to the soil. It also slows harmful topsoil erosion, prevents weed growth, and retains moisture.

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Bagged Materials

When adding plants to your garden, it’s crucial to start with the essentials: mulch and soil. Your plants rely on fertilized soil as the foundation where they can stretch their roots and grow. Using quality soil will help your plants blossom and your garden flourish.

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Planting and caring for beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns is rewarding. Distributing soil and stone in your garden can enhance your landscaping and provide additional detail to your garden.

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