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img-gardencenter_repellantIt’s common for certain animals to eat plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs, so it’s crucial to protect your plants to keep unwanted animals at bay. Whether you’re dealing with deer, squirrels and chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons, or rabbits, our high-quality animal repellents work to keep away animals while also helping your plants stay healthy as they grow strong.

Our professionals at Main Line Gardens will discuss your garden with you and determine the type of repellent that will work best depending on the plants in your landscape. The first step to deciding what kind of repellent you need of is to identify the animal that’s eating your plants. This will help you create an effective plan for keeping the animal away. You’ll then need to choose the type of repellent to utilize.

Learn more about the different types of animal repellents available to you to keep your garden safe from animals.

Liquid Repellent

This type of repellent allows you to spray it directly onto plants, flowers, leaves, shrubs, mulch, and even bird feeders. Its easy application makes it a popular fixture in the common household and it’s effective at repelling unwanted animals. Liquid repellents can only be used outdoors.

Granular Repellent

Sprinkle granular repellent throughout your garden, on mulch and plants, or distribute it throughout your lawn to keep animals from digging and borrowing. You can even bring this repellent indoors if you’re having problems with animals in your garage or attic.

Covered Repelling Stations

You also have the option of covering a section of your gardens or certain plants to keep animals from eating them. This effective method will provide a barrier between your plants and predators while also allowing them to get the sunlight, water, and nourishment necessary to thrive.

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