Landscaping Stone Products

Landscaping Bulk Stone and Gravel

2A: ¾" crushed grey stone with screenings
2B: ¾" crushed grey stone, ¼" Sedona Red Stone, ¾" Sedona Red Stone, 1" to 3" Delaware River Stone, 3" to 5" Delaware River Stone

Landscaping Fieldstone

Laurel Mountain PA Fieldstone Tumble Blue Colonial Wallstone
Irregular Stone Pocono Blend Garden Path Colonial Autumn (tan/white)
Red River Canadian Antique White Stepping Stones Grey Quartzite

Bagged Landscaping Stone

White/Tan Gravel PA Rustic Red Antique White River Stone
Seaport Blue White and Tan Eggs Play Sand (white and gold)

Landscaping Flagstone

Regular flagstone comes in various thicknesses. Blue flagstone has a uniform thickness on all sides.

Landscaping Belgian Block

Also known as cobblestone, this stone comes in grey, pink, and charcoal. This product is sold by the piece or pallet in small grey, medium grey, medium pink and charcoal, large grey, and large pink and charcoal.

Landscaping Estimating Guide and Formulas of Stone